Who is Tessa Hermans?

My name is Tessa Hermans and Happytessa was founded in 2012! In 2019 I made the restart to Happylands Kidsentertainment.

I attended the Free School until I was 18, after which I followed the Sports and Exercise course. After 12 years of working in sports at the City of Rotterdam in the Sports and Recreation department and the center of Amsterdam at SCIANDRI Sports Management, I continued my way to the beautiful island of Ibiza. I lived and worked here for 2 summers with Happytessa and summer camps for children with Liza Ibiza. Next to Happylands, I now work part-time at De Kleine wereld where I provide Tussenschools Opvang and After-school care. I do this at De Kleine Reus primary school. Here I am also Talent Broker for after-school activities and responsible for the management of the school building in the center of Amsterdam.

For the past 12 years my activities have consisted of the following sports subjects for which I am qualified.

Leadership and Teaching in Sport and Movement Activities
Gym teacher at primary schools
Kindergarten teacher
Break dance lesson for substructure
After-school sports lessons
Obesity sports lessons for children
Dance teacher for teenagers
Aerobic Teacher
Fitness training for adults
Senior gym
E.H.B.O diploma present.
V.O.G (declaration of good conduct)
Certified snowboard teacher
Other activities: Sports activities for primary school children, activities on playgrounds, dance competitions, holiday activities, sports days, Sinterklaas parties and summer sports camps.

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