The Logo

The story behind the creation of the logo:

Once upon a time there was a girl named Tessa Hermans at her birth.
As a birth gift she received a poster from her grandmother with a large rainbow on it.
This poster hung above her bed in her children’s room.
During her childhood the rainbow has always fascinated her.

Above you see the logo of Happytessa, the founder of Happylands Kidsentertainment.
The target group of Happytessa are children. The “happy” children on the rainbow are in two happy positions that are also her initials.
They represent the letter H and the letter T.
(reversed are the initials of Tessa Hermans).

The rainbow always remains a mystery of light and life.
A rainbow is created during rain and sun.
Life can be sunny but also sad.
The most important thing is that you walk through life about the colors of the rainbow.
A pot of gold is always promised at the end of the rainbow, but nobody has ever found it.
The power is to enjoy the pot of gold while walking on the rainbow, because that is you !.

After 6 successful years it was time to start Happylands Kidsentertainment.
Just like the rainbow, the company has grown and expanded. This allows more children to walk over the rainbow and we bring more entertainment.
The 2 cheerful children who represent the letter H and T continue to exist, because those are the initials of founder Happy Tessa.

The most important is:


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