When you organize a wedding or an event, a lot is involved. Do you want kids entertainment tailored to the location? We ensure that the children have a great time. Under the supervision of our nannys, the children are entertained in a special children’s corner. The children dive into their fantasy world through the various games of Happylands. Reading a comic or playing with dolls is also possible.

We watch while guests can socialize or walk over the event knowing that the children are in safe hands.

At a wedding or an event you want everything to be taken care of. Similarly for the youngest visitors; the kids. Happylands has a team of experienced and enthusiastic nannies who are ready for large groups of children. They do this with love and have a program with different activities.

In this way they take care of the children out of the hands of the guests.
This allows everyone from young to old to fully enjoy this beautiful day (s).


Everything is discussed together in advance. Location, space for the children, numbers, ages, wishes. Then we make a specially suitable program. No stress, we arrange it! The children will leave the event with a smile!

Happylands has a program for weddings and events especially for children. It is a mix of being creative and sporty. We have different games to play alone or in a team. A popular part is the Fotoshoot. They receive the photo in a photo frame decorated by themselves, as a reminder of the beautiful day. Do they want to move or run a little? Then you can with a Happylands treasure hunt.


Our nannies are experienced in working with children. They have a pedagogical background and have a VOG (Declaration of Behavioral Behavior). The nannies have been carefully selected and included in our team. For children under 4 years of age we work with 1 nanny in 4 children and for children from 4 to 12 years we work with 1 nanny in 10 children. This rule is in accordance with the Childcare Act.

Children are not permitted to use mobile phones and iPads during Happylands activities. We are known for being personally involved with the children.

Apply ideas yourself

It will be your day or your event. If you have ideas, introduce them yourself, everything is negotiable at Happylands Kidsentertainment!

Our basic ideas for organizing a program is:

"Do Essentials with your heart."

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