Are you cool face painting or more of the “make-up”? Are you going to a special party, do you have a girls’ evening or do you want to shine at a festival? Happylands also has make-up ladies especially for adults. They are known for their beautiful eye designs.For a private party for an event they are ready for you with a very professional team.With glitters and diamonds and skin-friendly glue they ensure that you shine and everyone looks twice at you.Our ladies are trained and receive training to stay up to date and follow the hypes.
Happylands wants everything to always look fantastic. So we also think the decoration of our eye design corner is important. We pay a lot of attention to this and ensure that we fit nicely into the space where the party takes place. With our own original designs and friendly ladies, we know how to make everyone shine when they leave the chair. A combination that both adults and children can be painted / made up is also possible.

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