Kids Parties

Another birthday for your son or daughter soon? Do you have no idea what to organize? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place at Happylands for various children’s parties.

Why a Happylands children's party?

  • You are free as a parent or caregiver to enjoy the children’s party.
  • You can take photos and we take care of the program.
  • A team of professional supervisors are ready for you.
  • Happylands uses only responsible sports and game material.
  • The games we give stimulate children to think for themselves and to work together.
  • The themes and the interpretation of the parties were devised by Tessa Hermans (formerly Happytessa) herself.
  • Happylands uses a positive approach for both the explanation of the games and when defining the limits.
  • Playful and with positive stimulation, a child has fun and at the same time it is stimulated, which stimulates learning.
  • All material including dress up clothing is taken and taken care of by us.
  • A Happylands Children’s Party has the option of 3 or 2 hours of entertainment.
  • The maximum duration is 3 hours, this has to do with the child’s tension.
  • When you request a quote for a children’s party, you will receive the extensive program in the mail.
  • At Happylands you can choose from 7 different parties for boys and girls from 4 to 12 years old.
  • We are present half an hour in advance to build everything up. After the party
  • we are also busy cleaning everything up for half an hour.

We ask from you:

  • Take care of the cake and the other delicacy for the partygoers.A large table
  • that is available for craft activities.
  • A list of names of the children who are coming.
  • A corner in the room where there is a stop contact for face-painting activity.

Party Menu:

Happytessa Party

The oldest and most booked party! Tessa is the name of the owner.

Princess Party

Which girl doesn't dream about this now? Dress like a radiant princess in a beautiful princess dress.

Unicorn Party

Who doesn't want to be a unicorn for 1 day, in a unicorn onecie.

Mermaid Party

Make-up with glitter and in a mermaid's tail a spectacular photo shoot is held.

Sports Party

Energy, running, playing tag, throwing and catching. Sports parties from Happylands stand for exercise!

Superhero Party

Superheroes are tough and move a lot. Is your child also mobile with a lot of energy?

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