Yes!!! Happytessa is going to grow, how nice is that!

Happytessa was founded in 2012 by Tessa Hermans. After 6 fantastic years with children’s parties devising, giving, caring and experience at home and abroad (from nanny to event coordinator) it is now time to grow.

The countless smiles that Tessa took home have greatly stimulated her to make the company bigger.

The applications became so numerous that it became difficult to be everywhere. That is why Happytessa is making a new start and is now Happylands Kidsentertainment.

We are going to make even more children happy, because our offer is becoming larger and more varied, with qualified and enthusiastic employees!
Naturally with the same quality and passion we now continue as Happylands Kidsentertainment


As a result, the company has more “Tessas” that can come to parties.

T.E.S.S.A is the name of the owner and in the previous company stood for:
T = tekenen = draw
E = entertainment
S = schminken = face painting
S = spelen = play
A = attention.

The formula continues to exist in Happylands and the employees are also trained in this.


Want to celebrate a (children’s) birthday, wedding, event or a nice family day soon? But who will entertain the children?

Then you are at the right place at Happylands.

With our passion and precision for the profession, we ensure that everyone has a great day with a professional team! We have different packages for events.

“Pleasure comes first” applies to both young and old.

What we offer

Supervised children’s parties:
Looking for a supervised children’s party at your home or at your chosen location? Happylands is coming to you! Children’s parties with face painting, dressing up and crafting with different themes. A fanatic sports party, mermaid party or a superhero party, to name but a few. Happylands arranges it. We create a festive time for children between the ages of 4 and 12.

You will find more information on the page about children’s parties. Here is the page: kids parties


Face painting is a big party in itself and is therefore often booked. Face painting is of course also possible for toddlers! For small or large groups everything is possible. Happylands has a team of professional make-up artists and we are known for our speed and good quality.


Here is the page about face painting:  face painting


In our team we have enthusiastic “teachers and masters”, who have more than 12 years of experience in giving sports and games to primary school children and toddlers. That is why we offer services that focus on sports and games and we supply educational packages to BSOs.

Happylands believes in the power of positivity; this is visible in our lessons.

Here is the page about sport: sports parties

Weddings and Event Nanny

Soon a wedding or a party for or with adults? Happylands is there for kids entertainment on location. We provide fun and creativity for the children and convenience for your guests. Our experienced nannies ensure a pleasant atmosphere. Children happy, parents free!

Here is the page about  Wedding & Event Nanny


Do you want something different than standard crafting, but still allow them to be creative? This activity is great for both boys and girls. They can completely immerse themselves in their own creativity.

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