Kids Parties

Something to celebrate? Children’s parties with face painting, dressing up and crafts in various themes. Happylands arranges it. For children of all ages, at home or on location. The most important thing is: Fun is paramount.

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Face Painting

Face painting itself is also a big party and is therefore often booked. Happylands works together with other professional make-up artists / make-up artists. (therefore also for large groups and adults).

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At a wedding or an event you want everything to be taken care of. Similarly for the youngest visitors; the kids. Happylands has a team of experienced and enthusiastic nannies who are ready for the children.

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Yes!!! Happytessa is going to grow, how nice is that!

Happytessa was founded in 2012 by Tessa Hermans. After 6 fantastic years with children’s parties devising, giving, caring and experience at home and abroad (from nanny to event coordinator) it is now time to grow.

The countless smiles that Tessa took home have greatly stimulated her to make the company bigger.

The applications became so numerous that it became difficult to be everywhere. That is why Happytessa is making a new start and is now Happylands Kidsentertainment.

We are going to make even more children happy, because our offer is becoming larger and more varied, with qualified and enthusiastic employees!
Naturally, with the same quality and passion, we now continue as Happylands Kidsentertainment


This gives the company more “Tessas” that can come to parties.

T.E.S.S.A is the name of the owner and in the previous company stood for:
T = tekenen = draw
E = entertainment
S = schminken = face painting
S = spelen =play
A = aandacht = attention.

The formula continues to exist in Happylands and the employees are also trained in this.

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